Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a trip

What a trip it was nice to go but good to get back. I was not so happy to get home yesterday as Andy's sick and the worlds biggest baby! But back to the Make A Wish trip Booboo wanted to ride in a fire truck. So with Saturday being "Wish day" we went to the Waukesha fire station. With Booboo in his full turnout gear we went and had fun. We also got to ride from one station to the other Mark, Heather, Rachael, and I all rode in the ladder truck. Heather and Rachael are from Make A Wish. Missy, Booboo, and Maddy rode over in the engine truck but it was fun by all. The Fire men begged us to go back for supper with them. Then on Saturday we all 5 of us went to the Milwaukee zoo it was fun but a very wet and not so nice day. My knee and back are still killing me oh and my feet are too. But all in all it was a trip of a life time and I got to do something not many people who aren't Firemen get to do! 

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