Thursday, May 6, 2010


I know it's been a while but,nothing has been going on sense last time. Only Andy my hub fell and broke his leg in 5 places.But oh well life goes on. I got to go to a Build-A-Bear workshop last weekend.  I had so much fun that we went back Sunday and made 4 "Fur Friends" for Maddy, Karly,Booboo,and Goober. Karly asked Kathy my baby sis and her Mommy if she could sleep with Kurly and Kathy said of  course. Missy's kids I think they all sleep with them but I know for sure Goober does sleeps with Sargent. Snuggles it's a gray kitty but oh well he loves him. I wished we had one here I'd take all the kids and have Booboo's 4th b-day party their but oh well life goes on... Ok on about my Lupus I figured out why I got so sick at C'mas time it was the Lupus going active. But now I'm in remission I hope I stay this way for a long time I know I wont but I can hope. Booboo's doing good for now his walking is getting worse but nothing major. his sight is going again but that to is nothing major. But I need to get my PSP X on here I have ( on here and can't do anything with it!

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