Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Long but short weekend

Where to start I guess Thursday night. Well I didn't sleep at all so Friday morning I was very tired. I didn't have all my meds either so Andy took Tony out to Action City for the big LAN Party. I was left home to get some sleep and that I did until about 15 to 11 I got a text from Andy asking if I was up yet. So he came home and made me take a shower and get my butt going for the day. So we got out to AC for the LAN and I'm sitting there in my chair thinking about killing myself. Yes you read that right I was thinking about killing myself! That was the first time I have ever thought like that and I blame it all on Lyrica!! But I had Andy go get my meds from the pharmacy for me and took them and sat there for a few minutes and I started to feel better. No more thought's so I went and took a nap in our room over at the Metropolis and after that I was feeling very good like my old self.. I wont ever do that again for get to get my meds filled before I run out.....

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