Friday, February 12, 2010


Well I went today/yesterday and had my mole and skin tag removed and the mole was sent off to the lab. Ok so we got told that we can move into the place I lived at when I met Andy and I think we can only have 1 cat well we have 2. I told Andy about that and he said he wont move in there IF he can't have HIS cat who we call the "Mr Happy" cat. But then yet our other cat is our baby or so I thought she was but I guess she's got to go but I guess it just goes to show who's the bigger person. It's ripping my heart out knowing Hope's got to go but I just can't afford to keep this place and everything going. I get SSI and I get $748.00 on that and our rent is $746.87 a month and nothings included in that so we pay cable,internet,cell phones,excel,half garbage with neighbor, oh and food oh plus my copays for dr and meds. I just figured out my naseinex is gone why would anyone want to take a nasal spray??? I mean if they need it ask the Dr for your own don't take mine but oh well I'll call and see if I can get the refill one I have coming.. I hate roommates!! Andy don't want to leave them but I say it's time to kick them to the curb and get our own place. Since we moved back to EC we've only lived alone for a few months other wise we lived with Missy my sis and her 3 children and then now Vern and Lori aka Kallah. 

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