Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well I'm trying to keep this going! Tuesday was a long day as was Wednesday. But tonight's going to be a long night as Missy my sis has to keep Maddy my 7 year old niece awake all night. She has an EEG today at 12:30. So I think I'm changing the layout of this thing I like this one but I found a cuter one. Thanks to TJ. :-D Oh I took a sleeping pill Tuesday night and when I woke up Wednesday morning I was in bed and I have no clue as to how I got there nor when I went to bed.. My wrist is still broken and I think I just rebroke it tonight because it hurts like a B*&ch unless it's the weather changing. I'm not enjoying this without the cast on with it still broken. Yeah I have a brace on it but it's not good for protection on it. But I should be getting my new glasses sometime either this week or next week and my new knee brace should be here either next week or the next week. So I'm excited and if I can find the pic of the back brace I'd like for my messed up back I can see about getting that too. Well good night!!!!

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