Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long weekend

What a long weekend first the power was out for a few hours then the internet then Sunday it rained. Then yesterday it snowed over the ice we had from the rain. Yesterday Missy and Andy were supposed to take Booboo aka Alex to Marshfield well they didn't go. So Thursday when they have to take Maddy they have to take Booboo with. Friday early morning Booboo has an MRI . Then I get Goober aka Mark until Friday afternoon but that's fine because Missy's calling him in for the two days. So I don't have to get up early with him as I don't do good with getting up early like that. But Goober wants to have a ToonTown marathon Thursday until Friday afternoon and I'm taking my baby Hope over with so I wont worrie about her. I still have a bad case of MOLD not to be cornfussed with COLD see we have mold growing in our bathroom and we can get rid of it for 2 weeks but it comes back right away the only thing we can think of to do is move out as we all 4 are renting. I found out because Andy and I went to Missy's and everything went away we come home and wow it's back!

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